The 8 passes of the Eastern Cape Highlands The 8 passes of the Eastern Cape Highlands Tweet May The Drakensberg is one of those revered places in South Africa where real adventurers go to get their boots dirty, and are rewarded by scenery and natural splendour of legendary beauty. However, not every holiday can include a 5-day hike with a 1, m climb, and for that reason the Eastern Cape Highlands merits a closer look. But with a sparse population and challenging topography, the road infrastructure can be hard on a vehicle, and a scenic drive here is still no walk in the park. It is not really possible to make general comments about road conditions, as this is too dependent on recent rains and when last the roads have been graded, so it is probably best to prepare for the worst, and be pleasantly surprised, than the other way round. That said, in general these passes can be tackled in a regular 2×4 vehice, but high clearance is definitely required. Always ask the locals about road conditions, and heed their advice.

Introducing The Southern Highlands Traverse

About kilometres south-west of Sydney and rising to metres, the region became known as the Sanatorium of the South, attracting genteel society, who built impressive country retreats. Guesthouses popped up in villages overlooking farms dating back to the s. The region was officially designated a wine region in , with some 60 wineries producing premium small batches of wine. The bistro is in what was once part of a hotel built in and has been refurbished by its current owners, Justine and Damien Monley.

The Highlands Ranch Hot Rodders Car Club was founded by George Racz (Still as active member) as a means to promote and support car hobbyist in the southern suburbs. We now have members from Lone Tree, Littleton, Parker, Lakewood, Morrison, Larkspur, Evergreen, Centennial, Englewood, Castle Rock and Highlands Ranch.

Such a relatively conservative conclusion recognizes that even a homogenized pollen fraction contains some pollen and other organic material such as inclusions of charcoal, which is particularly resistant to oxidation and can therefore have a long postmortem residence time in a watershed that might have been eroded and redeposited at the core locality, yielding an older-than-actual AMS date for that level in the core. An AMS date on a pure maize pollen fraction might well provide a more precise age estimate for the local inception of maize cultivation but would require a mass equal to some 20, maize pollen grains, compared with the 14 recovered from the cm level.

Yet exactly that problematic assumption underlies the report of 7, year-old maize pollen from Tabasco 1 and therefore forces the conclusion that that estimate is too old by as much as 1, —2, years. The chronology for that record relies on AMS assays on macrofossils associated with pollen and not on the pollen fraction itself. However, just as in the Veracruz record, the earliest Tabasco maize pollen occurs in sediments bioturbated by burrowing bivalves such as R.

In the Veracruz case, reliance on dates on associated macrofossils would have resulted in a date for the inception of maize cultivation that was some 1, years too old. Given the similar sedimentary context, failing direct AMS dating of the Tabasco pollen, and given the now demonstrated difficulty of dating pollen records in such bioturbated sediments even with direct AMS dating of the pollen fraction, it is difficult to accept the claim that maize cultivation in the Tabasco lowlands began 7, years ago.

The evidence from the Veracruz core suggests a date some 1, years more recent, as does a pollen record from the Tuxtlas area of the Gulf Coast Lowlands Conclusions Our findings mean that the earliest securely dated remains of maize in Mexico are macrofossils from the Southern Highlands that date to at least 6, years ago. Those cobs indicate already protracted selection for larger ears, suggesting that they number among the increasingly productive and diverse landraces that developed with diffusion throughout the varied environments of the Neotropics.

Further macro- and microfossil evidence is necessary to elaborate the dynamic geography of maize’s domestication and diffusion. Such evidence might well eventually demonstrate maize cultivation in the Gulf Coast Lowlands 7, or more years ago, as recently claimed 1.

The 8 passes of the Eastern Cape Highlands

Introduction This Taxonomy answers 2 questions: Why do thousands of people around the world, who are not Molokan by faith, many despising Molokane, falsely claim to be Molokane? If not Molokane, what and who are they? Neither question has been asked, nor answered, before this simple Taxonomy. Why do so many falsely call themselves “Molokan”?

Aug 18,  · This evening I share some more images and commentary on my recent visit to the Southern Highlands and Tablelands of New South Wales. This .

But in recent decades archaeologists have revealed far earlier centralized societies in the Norte Chico region of Peru, along the Supe river. Aspero was the first of many such sites to be discovered, and Caral is the largest. Sophisticated architecture pyramids and raised platforms suggests complex societies, and carbon dating reveals that they were in existence by around BC – contemporary with the beginnings of civilization in Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Its temple architecture, begun in about BC is characterized by huge raised platforms. They are formed from massive blocks of dressed stone , in the beginning of a long Peruvian tradition. One of its characteristics is stone sculpture of fantastic beasts, of which serpents, birds and jaguars often provide the component details. Of these the two most distinctive are the Mochica in the north and the Nazca to the south.

The Mochica, centred upon Moche on the coast in northern Peru, are known in particular for brilliantly realistic pottery sculpture – usually depictions of human heads possibly even portraits , functioning as jugs with stirrup-shaped spouts emerging from the top.

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Understand the different levels of care you can expect from each facility. Detox facilities provide a safe, medicinally aided and monitored program for addressing the physical aspects of addiction. Residential rehabilitation programs provide care in a controlled environment with extra support to help mitigate the risk of relapse during recovery.

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The Southern Highlands is the ideal self drive destination and allow you to see all of the attractions within and around the Southern Highlands like cellar doors, national parks, heritage sites, gardens and of course all of the towns and villages.

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Early Classic Maya, A. Our Precolumbian collection spans three major areas: Ceramic sherds fragments in our archaeological collections are represented predominantly by materials excavated under controlled conditions from Mesoamerican sites in Veracruz and in the Maya area of Guatemala and Belize. We also have a surface collection from various sites in Honduras in the Intermediate Area, an important corridor for cultural exchange with cultures to the north and south.

Emma and Lachy married in the rolling fields of NSW’s southern highlands in April, The pair began dating in secret for two years and only ‘came out’ about their relationship in , shortly before they got engaged.

References The late Mathew Kohai, a health adviser with the Department of Southern Highlands, still could not accept the recent developments in Mendi. Having lived there all his life, the Manus Islander was baffled that the once peaceful province is now a place of lawlessness. He sought answers, attempting to identify a particular cause, but could not find one. He recalled the days when systems were functional and public servants like himself were keen to work in the province.

He was adamant that things would improve and had no intention of being transferred elsewhere. The rest of the province is still banking on the hope that the province will return to normalcy. In the meantime, Mendi is still facing petty crime. Tari is constantly being tormented by armed thugs. Despite police presence, lawlessness continues on the peripheries, though in Ialibu, Kagua, Erave, and Pangia the law and order challenges are less.

Public servants are fearful for their lives, and people have migrated to Port Moresby and elsewhere in the country.


Here the grapes ripen slowly producing very elegant and distinctive tasting wines. This wine region is only a 90 minutes drive from Sydney which makes it the perfect location to escape the city for a day and experience beautiful countryside close to Sydney and Wollongong. We drive down winding country lanes, stopping to sample an array of local food, wines and cheeses.

The typically cosy, cellar doors are very relaxing and welcoming with tastings often seated beside an open fire place. Artemis Wines Visit winery website Winemaker brothers, Anton and Mark Balog began making wine in the Highlands in with a passion to produce wines of European complexity and structure with intense Australian varietal definition.

The Southern Highlands Traverse is the culmination and evolution of the southeastern United States’ most challenging bikepacking routes into one long-distance route spanning the Southern Appalachians.

The VMBT writhes its way through isolated farming communities, remote forests, panoramic crags, and historic rail grade trails. It is only appropriate that the Southern Highlands Traverse starts with the most technically and physically demanding of the four routes that make up its backbone. In addition, the Virginia Mountain Bike Trail is arguably the most scenic and remote of the four.

As such, the VMBT is relatively unestablished and ridden very little, which might intrigue many bikepackers. For that reason, we also suggest diligent research prior to taking it on. We plan to rescout this route in October. Until then, our route guide can be found at the link below. The Trans WNC is part two of four in the greater Southern Highlands Traverse and is specifically designed to be ridden from north to south.

With a lot of climbing for a relatively short distance, the route is comprised of formidable singletrack, steep abandoned jeep tracks, and endless National Forest roads. The TNGA is a big bikepacking route that will test your mettle.

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Determining the age of surfaces on Mars Mike Caplinger, Malin Space Science Systems February A fundamental problem in planetary science is determining how the surface of a planet has changed over time. This tells us something about the dynamics of planetary interiors for example, how often volcanoes erupt or how often earthquakes occur and also something about the processes that affect planets from without for example, how likely it is that a giant asteroid might hit the Earth and change it radically.

The simplest way of describing how a surface has changed over time is to describe the age of each part of that surface. For example, one could make a map of the surface, color-coding it such that each color represents a different range of ages. But how are we to determine the age of a surface? On the Earth, we have easy access to the surface, and often, to many other older surfaces buried beneath it. Obviously, if one surface has buried another, the deeper surface must be older.

In the Grand Canyon, for example, one can see the various layers of rock that have been excavated on the canyon walls, and see the evolution of the surface in the area directly.

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Abseil down a metre cliff with the Blue Mountains Adventure Company Start your day at the edge of a plateau with your heart thumping hard against your chest. But not to fear, the Blue Mountains Adventure Company specialises in rope and climbing activities such as canyoning, rock-climbing and abseiling. We took the introductory course to abseiling with our instructor, Gale.

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South iceland, power and purity Frontpage Jokulsarlon Glacier lagoon The main lagoon measures about 7 square miles 20 km2 and until was covered in thick glacial ice. Then the glacier started to retreat, and nowadays more than feet m of ice breaks away each year to reshape the lagoon and fill it with spectacular icebergs. The lagoon is open to the sea and so contains a mixture of salt and freshwater, giving it a unique blue-green color.

There are hundreds of seals here in the winter and the lagoon supports many species of fish including krill, herring, trout and, occasionally, salmon.

History and geography It is believed that the Southern Highlands was settled nearly 20, years ago, based upon the dating of grinding tools found in Mendi.

The two major centers of the Southern Tablelands are Goulburn and the nation’s capital, Canberra. As a region, the Southern Highlands is part of a larger region known as Capital Country , with the Highlands forming the northern part and the Southern Tablelands forming the southern part. The Highlands region is under the local government area of the Wingecarribee Shire.

Writing about the indigenous peoples of the area, Philip Morton of the Southern Highlands News notes the following. The [Wingecarribee] shire’s whole eastern district was known as the “Yarrawa Brush” by early settlers. For at least 40, years it was inhabited by Aboriginal people. These were either the Gundungarra or Wodi Wodi, or both, as it is impossible to ascertain exact boundaries.

The Dharawal people, who also had an association with the district, may have travelled through the area. The Wodi Wodi people occupied the Illawarra region and it is believed they lived on the coastal plain when fish and other seafood were in abundance and climbed the escarpment to the highlands at other times to trade and socialise. In the Kangaloon area the Indigenous way of life is evidenced by examples of rock shelters, middens, paintings, stencils, axe grinding marks and tools, as well as trees that have been scarred or carved with particular totems.

Many of the creeks and swamplands in the Eucalypt covered sandstone terrain show evidence of stone axe grinding marks.

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