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About Us Shanghai Daggers Below: Two Shanghai Dagger sheaths dating from the s. I do wonder if the top one might be a later replacement though. They were designed for upside down under the arm pit F-S Sheaths: Chapes were retained by a rivet or a staple. With the early sheaths, the belt frog with simple belt slits , was sewn to the sheath body. The first sheaths used the leather retention strap and snap as shown here. Later versions used narrow brown elastic, which soon stretched out or broke. Between the frog coming away from the body of the sheath, or the elastic not retaining the knife properly, many a knife was lost.

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I started doing this as an effort not to buy junk knives. It began after hearing numerous brand name knives being sold both online and on television. Initially I wanted to find out what knives being sold Cutlery Corner Network television program were actually Jim Frost trademarks.

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Why is the Star of David on the sword of the Marines? Anyone with a historical note on this. This is what I found: The above reference comes from JewishMarines. If the sword is made by the Wilkinson Sword Company the Star of David is on the hilt because the company was founded by a Jew, and the swords made by the direct descendants all have the Star of David on the hilt.

Are either of the above known to be true or are they urban legends??

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Aside from disrupting or eliminating the flow of items key to survival clean water, nourishment, sanitary living conditions, etc. This includes telephony in all of its forms land-lines, cellular, VOiP and the internet. You are already acutely aware of the “blackout” of the major news organizations, all of which are owned and controlled by major corporations or “banksters”. Several years ago, as I began to learn more of what at the time seemed to be literally unbelievable, I thought about the need for an emergency communications network that would reach beyond our shores and borders and to which every American could have access for a nominal cost in equipment and without a license from the now DHS dominated Federal Communications Commission.

Several colleagues across the United States are attempting to do the same thing at the state level. For example, in my own state, it is fellow Oath Keepers who have stepped forward to assist in this undertaking.

Aug 17,  · The first knife is a Low S knife, dating The first O in Orlando is between/below the Randall R and A. The comma between the O in Orlando and Florida, the top of the comma is about 1/2 way up the O.

The CD provides an excellent and quick tool for the identification and dating of Randall made knives as well as information on the sheaths and related background. The built in newsletter search functions quickly locates desired information and the catalogs provide detailed pictures from the very beginning of the Randall saga. For the first time, Robert Gaddis, author of “Randall Made Knives” has provided a detailed chronology of all the Randall knife catalogs.

Special search functions are built in to allow finding information via a Table of Contents, an Index or any text phrase. The original Randall Knife sales catalogs are also included for additional information purposes. Although the catalogs do not function with the detailed search routines, a Table of Contents is provided along with a “Favorite” locations database creator. The Favorite locations database creator is also available within the Newsletter program.

A special chronology of all Randall knife catalogs is available for the first time thanks to Robert Gaddis, author of “Randall Made Knives”. These knives are renowned throughout the world and their knives have become highly prized collector items. Difficulty arises when trying to authenticate and age an older Randall knife or realize the value of many of the newer models. The society is for people who admire, collect or just want more information on Randall knives.

A newsletter is issued four times per year with articles and information on Randall knives, plus a classified section to buy or sell Randalls.

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These knives were made both marked and unmarked. They were also made with a single edge and a double edge blade.. The double edge blade is still covered in old grease. The scabbard has pistol belt hooks added and is marked “E.

The type of sheath is a key factor in dating old Randall knives, and several suppliers have been used over the years. The best known are Johnson (s and ‘70s) and Heiser, a .

Dagger with Zoomorphic Hilt, ca. Beginning with the 17th century, another form of dagger—the plug bayonet and later the socket bayonet —was used to convert muskets and other longarms into spears by mounting them on the barrel. They were periodically used for eating; the arm was also used for a variety of other tasks such as mending boots, house repairs and farm jobs. The final function of the dagger was as an obvious and ostentatious means of enhancing a man’s personal apparel, conforming to fashion which dictated that all men carried them.

Combat knife 20th century daggers WW1 trench warfare caused daggers and fighting knives to come back in play. They also replaced the sabres worn by officers, which were too long and clumsy for trench warfare. They were worn with pride as a sign of having served front line duty.

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Knives of the Vietnam War By M. Silvey A great variety of blades were carried by troops in the field in Vietnam. In fact, there is ample opportunity for the collector to spend years chasing after the knives of the Vietnam War. There are a large and interesting variety of knives issued by the different branches of service. Then there are knives from the PX and other private purchase factory knives. On the left and right of the picture are a couple of World War II items returned to service in Vietnam.

On the right is another Navy knife, a Mark 1 by Pal. The Mark 2 second from the left is typical of the Vietnam period with it coated leather handle and sheath. This one is made by Conetta but Camillus and Utica also made these knives. The early six inch version was a more practical knife for field use but was redesigned in and shortened to five inches because of cockpit space requirements.

This was a popular knife in Vietnam and was seen in use by ground forces as well as by pilots and air crews. This was also the first knife to sport saw teeth on the back and started a whole generation of survival knives with teeth. Camillus, Milpar, Ontario, and Utica also made these knives. The Milpar and Utica varieties are seldom seen and one aluminum handled Milpar made knife is quite rare.

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James Morgan Ayres Languange: Tactical knives are the fast-growing field of American bladesmithing. Now, in one groundbreaking volume, tactical knife expert James Morgan Ayres shares more than four decades of real-world experience with purpose-designed knives. Newly updated with specifications and reviews for new products as well as new information on recent developments in the field, James Morgan Ayres provides the latest need-to-know info on the subject for first time owners or potential owners of tactical knives as well as experts who want the latest intel on new products.

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Randall Made Knives Story» Steeped in a rich blade making tradition, the Randall story is presented here through the words of Bo Randall, our founder, as well as a timeline outlining major events in the life of our business. View History.

This item has been discontinued and is no longer available. Blue Star Knives, Jan Binding: A comprehensive guide to help approximate the age of knives already owned, or knives considered for future purchase. THIS is the book for which Randall collectors have been waiting so many years! That may seem like a bold statement in light of Bob Gaddis?

History of the Man and the Blades as well as the other fine books addressing the famous marque. But the new Randall Knives: A Reference Book differs from other titles in that it? Randall enthusiasts will recognize this book? Randall Quick Reference Guide, a folding laminated sheet printed with a timeline and additional material useful to collectors.

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This attitude has produced impressive results: Hunting, sporting and pocket knives with the PUMA emblem are among the beat of their kind in the world, and are known and sought after all over the globe. Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung had his first trade mark entered into the renowned Solingen Master Cutlers Guild register as long ago an , before the French Revolution and the invention of the steam engine. Using this trade mark a long and fruitful period of hard-working craftsmanship followed for the founder working together with his son, Johann Wilhelm Lauterjung , and grandson, Nathanael Lauterjung , in a cottage alongside the Wupper river.

Solingen’s craftsmen had very early learned to harness the water power of the Wupper to drive their grinding stones. In the Lauterjung workshop the first famous knives were, at that time, ground on heavy natural stones.

I BUY Randall Knives – one knife or the entire collection – in addition to selling them. Browse my merchandise, my personal collection and an array of photos, videos, books and newsletters. This site is dedicated to the collecting of Randall Made Knives.

BUY The idea of the multitool is an old one, but it always involved attaching gimmicks to a knife, which resulted in a poor blade and a mediocre collection of tools. Tim Leatherman reversed this 25 years ago, using folding pliers as his platform and installing tools in the handle, creating something new and terrific. There are all kinds of Leathermans, but my favorite is the Wave. I keep one in my range bag and wear another on my belt. It’s hard to list the jobs it can’t do, and the knife does a dandy job of gutting a deer.

Loveless had the knifery world standing on its ear. Loveless had been making knives for money since the s, and he eventually developed a model called the drop-point hunter. This small knife the blade was under 4 inches with a small hilt and subtle lines revolutionized the craft. The point was lowered, or dropped, below the spine, which made it easier to gut an animal without puncturing the innards. Up until then, knife makers used unsophisticated steels.

Loveless selected a steel called CM, which was developed for use in jet-engine exhausts. Tough and almost rustproof, it took a fearsome edge that held forever.

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