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I tested relay glow plug relay it works fine and has solid negative and power, just not being switched by the control circuit. Will be a week or so to get this relay over I hope this will fix my problem! In the mean time I bridged power outlets on the fuse board with a light switch so my glow plugs can get power, hope I dont break anything. I think this is where my issue is Did you change the right temp sender? Are all the contacts in the fuse board where the relays plug in ok? Have a good look at the main loom where it passes under the brake servo in the engine bay, it is common for wires to fracture here. However I am still having problems, can anyone give me some advice?

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017 Owner’s Manual

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Nitori’s OEM SR Foglight mod!

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AC inlet with flap for under bonnet mounting for T5 or straight in line coupler for T4 behind fog light fitting. Screws, grommets and ferules included. Complete kit for installing a mains hook up into your T4.

Don’t see why you couldn’t run it straight to a socket it would just work like an extension lead. Not for me personally but we all do things different and if it’s safe and it works then hey ho. I am looking to sort an electric hook up point on my T I am lookig at one of these: I don’t want a leisure battery etc Jim jim , No holes cut in your van. ScouseSteve Thanks for the advice Can you point me in the right direction show me where to find one of those leads

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Grab handle in roof frame on the right hand side. Storage pocket on passenger door. Interior light with turn off delay. Floor heating with plastic safety covers. Inner cladding made from plastic with cloth material insert.

Sep 25,  · Cheers for that advice which has enlightened me! Great news: I managed to fix the fog light all by myself! There’s a wee clip inside the tow-bar electric hook-up point which should spring out when you disengage a trailer.

Right fog lamp cover: Hopefully this will be a more readily available part on US shores in the future! On top of this, you need a switch. Any simple SPST switch will do, but read on. From the factory, the fog light control is on the turn signal stalk. Pre-wired people get to use their fancy switch, we have to innovate. I used a Tacoma Fog light switch button to make up the difference and I even figured out how to get it to light up using an unused power source on the SR!

This is because the deck light button’s connector still exists behind the dash, but is not used on this trim level. Another parts list and more details follow later on in the post. It’s easiest to start with the engine bay wiring harness.

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Members Sales – Motorhomes Members are welcome to advertise any Carthago related items that you wish to buy or to sell. Send your article to: Please keep photos and text separate for editing – thank you. If you are interested in any items advertised, please contact the Carthago Owner directly through the contact details provided. Adverts will be automatically deleted after 3 months unless we hear to the contrary. I would strongly recommend the For Sale facility to others as their first choice.

Prepare a short description of the van to insert in ‘For Sale’ with a photo and your contact details and send these for them to be posted on site But have at the ready, a full description covering ownership details, technical stuff and dimensions, first registration, factory options, after-market extras fitted etc. Interested parties can then be sent this document along with photos of the van taken from several positions both inside and out We imported this ex-demonstrator from Urbano Carthago dealers in Belgium in September and it has been kept in excellent condition with a full service history and annual habitation checks.

Right or left hand drive. This Carthago has Every conceivable extra, see below. Cream Leather interior, pull down coffee machine, Inverter. Telair dual clima H aircon with remote control.

Alfa Romeo Giulia 2017 Owner’s Manual


In the t4, just pop out the fog light. Dummy one on the left is ideal as there’s nothing behind it, and then feed it through an existing grommit into the van.T: It may .


How to Wire Relay Fog Lights